The Analytics for Public Health (A4PH) research group is made up of an interdisciplinary team of nationally and internationally renowned researchers and public health leaders with expertise in:

  • infectious diseases (HBV, HCV, HIV, sexually transmitted infections, COVID-19)
  • quantitative epidemiologic methods
  • analysis and management of large laboratory and health services linked datasets
  • data science machine learning
  • artificial intelligence and natural language processing
  • behavioural science

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Naveed Janjua
Executive Director of Data and Analytic Services
Hind Sbihi
Senior Scientist
Caren Rose
Senior Scientist
Hasina Samji
Senior Scientist
James Wilton
Mawuena Binka
Research Scientist
Prince Adu
Health Systems Researcher
Héctor Alexander Velásquez García
Biostatistician and Quantitative Epidemiologist
Stanley Wong
Julia Li
Sean Harrigan
Afraz Khan
Data Analyst
Chad Fibke
Data Analyst
Terri-Buller Taylor
Community Engagement and Knowledge Translation Lead
Georgine Cua
Research Coordinator
Zaeema Naveed
Post-doctoral Fellow
Leila Amiri
Research Staff
Ahmed Aburaed
Post-doctoral Fellow
Richard Morrow
Post-doctoral Fellow