Building British Columbia’s research, data science and analytics capacity to support innovative population health solutions.


Analytics for Public Health (A4PH) is uniquely situated at the BC Centre for Disease Control, which enables our team members to collaborate with public health leaders and scientists to address and respond to emerging public health needs.

We are interested and invested in creating population health solutions and monitoring systems by harnessing Big Data such as administrative health data, non-health data, survey data and social media to inform precise and localized policy responses that responds to changes in disease activity.

Our objectives are to:

  1. Use real-time integrated health data systems for surveillance of infectious diseases
  2. Apply innovative non-health data to track precursors of transmission at a localized level
  3. Use surveys and social media to characterize behavioural and information epidemiology

Our Team

The Analytics for Public Health (A4PH) research team is based at the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC).

Our team members are trained in diverse fields of expertise including public health, infectious diseases, genomics, virology, epidemiology, statistics, data science, machine learning, behavioral sciences, knowledge translation, and much more!

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